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Goodbye, CSIRAC is a retro sci-fi audio tour, leading visitors into the guts of the Melbourne Museum to uncover the true story of CSIRAC (pronounced ‘sigh-rack’), Australia’s first computer.

In collaboration with The Rubix Cube, Melbourne artist Zoe Meagher has delved into the

museum archives to create an all-new sound and performance work. Though guided by modern MP3 players and headphones, participants will discover that the tour is precisely 50 years out of date, setting a tone of anachronism and tongue-in-cheek humour.

Stories, interviews and musical compositions illuminate the extraordinary story of CSIRAC (on display at the museum) and the female programmers, data processors and computer operators who helped make early computing possible in Australia. Ghostly live performances interrupt and intermingle with the audio, reminding us that every computer has a memory. Meagher’s fun, mish-mash style of performance and audio reflects her love of pop culture and technology.

A love letter to 1960s computing and sci-fi, Goodbye, CSIRAC commemorates the things – and people we forget when technologies become obsolete.

Conceived, Written and Performed by Zoe Meagher

Lighting Design: Govin Ruben (The Rubix Cube)

Sound Design: Robert Stewart

Costume Design: Matthew Kneale

Technical/Stage Management: Geordie Barker and Govin Ruben (The Rubix Cube)


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