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‘Flatland’ is a cutting-edge Contemporary Dance performance adapted from Flatland, the satirical novella by Edward A. Abbott.

Published in 1884, ‘Flatland’ is a short fantasy that takes us to a completely flat world of two physical dimensions where all the inhabitants are geometric shapes, and who think the planar world of length and width is all that there is. The novella uses the fictional two-dimensional world of Flatland to offer pointed observations on the social hierarchy and sexual politics of Victorian culture. This adaptation of ‘Flatland’ was developed as a work in contemporary dance at The Actors Studio (KuAsh) TTDI in early December 2013. The work used the ideas and imagery of the novella to allegorically dissect the cultural makeup of contemporary Malaysian society, as well as explore the intersection of it’s sensibilities and attitudes towards multiculturalism through the creative process, which fed into the creative outcome. The work was a rich, dance; multi-media and visual experience encompassing interactive audio-visual, lighting and sound designs.

Flatland saw us collaborating with a group of renowned artists from Malaysia and Australia. Our creative team included choreographer Suhaili Micheline, writer Thomas Henning, dramaturges Ashley Dyer and Anne James, costume designer Mel Page and audio-visual and sound designer Rob Stewart.

Flatland won 4 awards out of the 6 awards it was nominated for at the 11th Malaysian BOH Cameronian Awards for the Arts 2014.


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